ILC Implementation

LSU’s new general education program, Integrative Learning Core (ILC), will be fully implemented in Fall 2022. Any course that wishes to be included in the ILC program must submit the ILC course proposal to the Faculty Senate ILC (FSILC) Committee by no later than December 31, 2021. This deadline allows time for the Committee to consider proposals for approval by February 15, 2022 to ensure the course is included in the 2022-23 Catalog. 

Any current general education courses that have not submitted an ILC course proposal by December 31st and received approval by February 15th, will no longer be offered as general education and subsequently, students enrolled in those courses as of Fall 2022 will not be awarded general education credit.

ILC Implementation Timeline

January 2019: Transition from the Faculty Senate General Education Committee to the Faculty Senate Integrative Learning Core Committee

February 2019: The Faculty Senate ILC Committee opens the ILC Course Proposal process including the proposal form, supporting materials, and new website.

December 2021: Deadline for all current general education courses to apply to the ILC

February 2022: All approved ILC Courses updated in the LSU General Catalog

August 2022: ILC Curriculum is fully implemented