SOAR Activities for Grades PreK-5 

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Title Objectives

A Beetle Family

Investigate the life cycle of the betsy beetle

Animal Coverings

Examine the structures and functions of the outer coverings of animals (e.g. hair, feathers, scales)

Fossil Hunt

Search for microfossils in gravel

How Big is a Cell?

Compare the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells and compare their size to common objects

How to Live in a Log

Identify the characteristics of betsy beetles that enable them to live in dead wood

Life in a Drop of Water (K-5)

Discover the variety of organisms that live in your local pond ecosystem

Measure Up

Measure tiny objects such as grains of salt on a magnified millimeter grid

Microscopic Mysteries

Analyze fingerprints, fibers, and money like a forensic scientist

Plant Microstructures

Examine the structures of plants that are adapted to live in different environments

Rocks and Minerals

Observe properties of different types of rocks and minerals

Skin Deep

Observe structures found in the human integumentary system

Taste Buds and Your Tongue

Examine your taste buds to see if you are a supertaster, a non-taster, or somewhere in between

What is an Invertebrate?

Learn about the diversity of invertebrate animals