Student Success Teams

As an incoming first-year or transfer student, you'll be welcomed to the Tiger Family by your Student Success Team. Our Success Teams are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment that promotes academic achievement, personal growth, and overall student success.

Comprising faculty, advisors, and professional staff, these teams work collaboratively to provide tailored assistance, resources, and mentorship, ensuring that each student receives personalized guidance to navigate their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

At LSU, we believe in the strength of community and the transformative power of mentorship, and our Student Success Teams are committed to being your partners in unlocking your full potential. You are central to the team and will co-create your LSU experience with your Student Success Team.

Want to learn more about who your team is, their roles, and how you'll engage with them? Check out the drop-down table below! 

Graphic showing the relationship of the Student Success Teams. Text only explanation follows.

Academic Advisor's Role:

  • Provide professional advising that assists you in exploring majors in your chosen area of study.
  • Partner with you in navigating course selections, academic policies, and degree requirements.
  • Connect you with LSU’s resources and build competencies to promote student success.

Student's Role:

  • Engage in dialogue with your academic advisor to define educational goals and build an academic plan.
  • Prioritize your classes and balance other commitments to continue your academic success.
  • Be proactive and utilize the vast array of LSU resources.
  • Stay current by reading your LSU email and responding to campus outreach in a timely manner.

Academic Coach's Role:

  • Provide effective personalized learning strategies and resources to help you succeed in your courses
  • Support you in overcoming challenges by creating an academic success plan
  • Help you understand how your unique strengths can be used to maximize your success

Student's Role:

  • Utilize your coach’s expertise to enrich your strengths in:
    • College-learning skills
    • Time management
    • Motivation & goal setting
    • Access to campus resources

Career Coach's Role:

  • Help you understand and reflect on your interest, skills, personality and values and how they align with major and career options.
  • Provide resources and programs to aid in career exploration and career preparation.
  • Inform you about upcoming events on campus that aid in your career development.

Student's Role:

  • Actively engage in career exploration by taking the Focus-2 Assessment to gain clarity around how your interests, personality, values and skills connect to major and career options.
  • Begin to gain experiences and develop career skills to validate, re-calibrate, or explore existing or new career goals.
  • Take full advantage of Handshake, LSU’s comprehensive career management platform.

Financial Aid Counselor's Role:

  • Offer support and knowledge concerning financial aid, scholarships, completing fee bill registration, and making payments
  • Help you navigate administrative issues related to financial aid, including the verification process

Student's Role:

  • Stay active and informed with deadlines, account information, and your financial aid status

Peer Mentor's Role:

  • Serve as a success advocate, providing positive support and guidance inside and outside the classroom, by developing a peer relationship focused on helping you make a smooth transition, acclimate to campus, and establish a sense of belonging.

Student's Role: 

  • Actively engage with your peer mentor through one-on-one meetings, developing a desire to learn and an openness to feedback through peer coaching

Wellness Coach's Role:

  • Help you develop a plan for holistic wellbeing, attending to all dimensions of your wellness
  • Direct you to resources you need to enhance any aspect of your health and wellbeing
  • Connect you to the right people in the case you need ongoing support in any of your wellness related goals

Student's Role: 

  • Come ready with an open mind to examine new ways to enhance and support your overall wellbeing
  • Commit to active engagement with campus resources that will help you realize your health and wellbeing goals
  • Trust that people are looking out for you and have your best interests at heart
  • Engage with campus staff in ways that respect their time and capacity