Training for Ionizing Radiation

Radiation Safety Training for Users of Radiation and Radioactive Materials

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Core Material - Required for ALL Users (Modules 1-6):

Module 1. Radiation Safety at LSU

Module 2. Fundamentals of Ionizing Radiation

Module 3. LSU Radiation Safety Program

Module 4. Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation

Module 5. Regulations and Standards

Module 6. Exposure Control and Personnel Monitoring


Open Isotope (Modules 1-6,7, and 8):

Module 7. Radioactive Waste Handling, Storage and Disposal

Module 8. General Rules of Radioactive Material


Radiation Producing Machines i.e. X-Ray (Modules 1-6, and 9):

Module 9. General Rules for Radiation Producing Machines


Sealed Sources (Modules 1-6, and 10):

Module 10. General Uses for Field Use of Sealed Sources


Animal Experimentation (Modules 1-8, and 11):

Module 11. General Rules - Animal Experimentation


Irradiator (Modules 1-6, and 12):

Module 12. General Rules for Irradiator Use


Training for Non-Ionizing Radiation

Laser Safety Training for Users of Class 3B and 4 Laser Systems (Power Point)

Online Laser Safety Training Documentation

In-Lab Laser Training Form