Privacy Statement and Consent Notification

All websites hosted on must contain a link to the university's privacy statement and must provide a notice to users about the types of data collected from web browsers.

Link to Privacy Statement

Units should provide a link the the university's privacy statement on every webpage. The link should appear in the lower, left portion of the the website footer. If it is not possible to place the link in this location, the link should be placed in another location that enables the link to appear consistently on each page.

Consent Notification

Units should provide a consent overlay that advises first-time users of the use of data collection mechanisms used on the website.

The recommended language, including an acknowledgment button is:

The consent overlay should only appear on a users first visit to your website. Once the user has clicked "I Agree" the overlay should only appear again if the user empties browser cache or opens a private or incognito window.

If you would like to see an example of the overlay, open the LSU homepage in a private or incognito window; the homepage overlay should appear in gold at the bottom of the browser window.