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African & African American Studies

You are passionate about African and American culture and want to learn more. 

About African and African American Studies 

African & African American Studies (AAAS) offers you the opportunity to study the history, traditions, culture, religion, food, music, languages, and folklore of Africa. If you decide to major or minor in the program, you can tailor your program to reflect your unique interests, selecting courses that are often cross-listed with anthropology, English, music, history, political science, religion, and sociology. An AAAS major or minor will prepare you to compete in a global, cross-cultural world. 

Possible Careers

  • African and African American studies teacher
  • Campus cultural center manager
  • Educational advancement program coordinator
  • Multicultural programming specialist 

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Senior College

College of Humanities & Social Sciences


B.A., Bachelor of Arts

Course Load by Subject Area

  • Social Studies:  High Intensity
  • Electives:  Medium Intensity
  • Foreign Language:  Medium Intensity

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