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Protostripes will be closed for the summer of 2021

The LSU Innovation Park Protostripes Center is a fabricating, designing, prototyping, programming, and learning center for Louisiana companies. It's goal is to give clients physical tools coupled with rapid prototyping and business resources to create an easier path to commercialization. Innovators can create products at a fraction of the cost of traditional prototyping, fostering growth in Louisiana.


To ensure productive use of the center and its resources, the process is divided into 3 main phases:

Feasibility – Before a company starts to work on the physical prototype and the company completes a feasibility study to ensure the project has merit.

Prototype Design – The Center will then move to the actual design phase. During this phase the innovator will work with engineering interns to create a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) model and create a prototype using any of its resources: 3D printers, laser cutter, 3D scanner, and CNC mill.

Commercialization – The ProtoStripes Center will then explore the best options and method to get the product to market. This will include licensing, manufacturing, detailed costs to produce, marketing strategy, and capital acquisition.




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