About Innovation & Technology Commercialization

The Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization streamlines the process of evaluating, protecting, and licensing intellectual property created by LSU researchers. We help faculty entrepreneurs turn their ideas into products and businesses that benefit Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the world.

Our office helps LSU Innovators:

  • Evaluate their discoveries and ideas
  • Legally protect their inventions
  • Market their inventions and negotiate intellectual property agreements with industry
  • License their discoveries

What is the Technology Transfer Process? 

The Technology Transfer Process outlined below is a collaborative process between the inventor and LSU, during which the identification, protection, and commercialization of intellectual property occurs.

A diagram of the Technology Transfer Process which starts with Discovery, moves to Disclosure, to Evaluation, to Protection, to Marketing, to Negotiation, to Liscence, and ending with Development and Commercialization.


A technology disclosure is a document formally providing the university with details about an innovation you have developed while an employee at LSU. During this phase your innovation will be evaluated for its commercial potential and possible patentability. 


Through the evaluation process, a decision is made on whether or not commercialization efforts for a particular invention or technology should be pursued. 


Patent Attorneys assist in the process of patent protection for your invention. During this time technical details, data, and substantiation are provided to patent attorneys to assist in the likelihood of securing a patent. 


With a researchers assistance, office staff identify companies that have the resources and business networks necessary to bring the technology to market. A researchers active involvement in this stage can drastically enhance this process. 


This phase begins when a company expresses interest in the marketed invention or technology. An office staff member will handle all aspects of the negotiation, all the while seeking input from the inventor and keeping them informed. 


The Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization makes inventions resulting from LSU research available to the public through licenses. Certain rights in the technology are granted to the licensee, under specific terms and conditions, as specified by LSU policy.