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Who We Are

About LSU Innovation Park

LSU Innovation Park provides companies and entrepreneurs with a broader avenue for intellectual enrichment and technological discovery by partnering scientific investigation and business enterprise under one umbrella.

As the state’s flagship university, research is a cornerstone of LSU. The university began planning a dedicated complex for research commercialization in 2005 to further its commitment to innovation. Located just five miles south of the main campus, the LSU Innovation Park is the epicenter for technology innovation and startup ventures in the Baton Rouge region. By helping researchers bring new technology to market, the LSU Innovation Park creates high-quality jobs, benefits the community and enhances the image of Louisiana.


We give companies a competitive advantage in attracting customers, press, talent, mentors and funding to grow their business.

  • A prominent location offering easy, convenient access to LSU faculty, research and students
  • Designated by Association of University Research Parks as a qualified research park and by the federal government as a HUB zone, resident companies are eligible for numerous research and development tax incentives and credits, as well as other state incentive programs
  • Competitively priced land and lab/office space leases for technology companies



David Winwood

David Winwood
Executive Director
Phone: 225-578-7555


Roy Keller

Roy Keller
LA Technology Transfer Office
Phone: 225-578-3985

Vic Johnson

Vic Johnson
Technology Transfer Specialist
LA Technology Transfer Office
Phone: 228-688-1117



Kristy Barlow
Business Incubator Manager
Phone: 225-578-3982


jason boudreaux

Jason Boudreaux
Business Consultant
Phone: 225-578-8196


Lindsey Schexnayder

Lindsey Schexnayder
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 225-578-7555



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 David Smith

David Smith
Graduate Student
Flores MBA Program
Class of 2019



 Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang
Graduate Student
Flores MBA Program
Class of 2020


Van Le

Van T. Le
Engineering Intern
LSU Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2019

Trey Petitjean

Trey Petitjean
Engineering Intern
LSU Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2021

Katelyn LeBlanc

Katelyn LeBlanc
Finance Intern
LSU Finance
Class of 2019

 Carly LeDay

Carly LeDay
PR Intern
LSU Marketing/Entrepreneurship
Class of 2019




Board Members

Elif Acar-Chiasson, P.E.
CSRS Engineering,
Vice Chairman
Samuel Bentley Sr. 
LSU Office of Research &
Economic Development,
Vice President
Thomas A. Cotten
Thomas A. Cotten, CPA
J. Charles Dabadie
America's Regional
Manufacturing Manager


Brett Furr
Taylor Porter Law Firm,
Buck Gladden
Ric Kearny
Capital One Bank, 
Southwest Regional Lending Manager, 
BR Area Market President
Dan Layzell
LSU Finance & Administrative 
Vice President


Andrew "Andy" Maas
LSU Innovation & Technology
Assistant Vice President
Charles McCowan, Jr.
Kean Miller,
Cynthia Peterson
LSU College of Science,
Don Pierson
Louisiana Economic Development, 


Bill Richardson
LSU AgCenter,
Vice President of Agriculture
Tom Sawyer
Sawyer & Associates

Deborah Sternberg
Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge (YEA BR), 


Ann Trappey
Fort & Tablada Engineering,
CEO & President


Robert C. Tucker
Jones Walker,
Martin Walke
Louisiana Public Facilities Authority,
Vice President of
Economic Development
Richard "Dick" White
LSU E.J. Ourso College
of Business,
Judy Wornat
LSU College of Engineering, 
Interim Dean 





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