Tenant Smalls Sliders' Future Endeavors

December 13, 2021

LSU Innovation Park tenant and LSBDC client, Smalls Sliders, discusses plans for their successful fast-food drive through.

smalls sliders employees

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Opening in 2019, Smalls Sliders has received a warm welcome from Baton Rouge and LSU residents to their infamous cheeseburger sliders and fries. To plan for growth, CEO Joe Lewis became a tenant at the LSU Innovation Park, a small business incubator and accelerator that helps new companies start their businesses and leverage the free business consulting provided by the Louisiana Small Business Development Center; also located at LSU Innovation Park. 

The first Smalls Sliders is located at 4343 Nicholson Drive, across from LSU’s Tigerland.  The second is currently being installed in the Bluebonnet Shopping Center set to open mid-December of 2021. "Everything inside the building, including our hoods, coolers, freezers and sinks, is already installed, and when it comes to the site, the building is set down. We do utility tie-ins, finish up the parking lot, and we're open for business, so opening is a lot quicker,” said co-founder Jacob Dugas. It does not take long to install a Smalls Sliders franchise. After the Bluebonnet location Smalls Sliders has plans for as many as 19 more locations in Louisiana and Mississippi. 

The team bringing Smalls Sliders to market consists of Dugas and Lewis, mentioned above, along with Walk-On’s founder Brandon Landry, and former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Next time you need cook to order sliders and fries, stop by a Smalls Sliders.

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Instagram: @smalls_sliders_
Twitter: @SmallsSliders
LinkedIn: @Smalls Sliders