Zack GodshallZack Godshall

Master's Degree: MFA: UCLA

Phone: 225-578-2988
Office: 212-Q Allen Hall


Area of Interest

Screenwriting, Independent Film, Documentary, Editing


Zack Godshall is an assistant professor in English at Louisiana State University. He makes films about unsung people and places that exist along the fringes of culture. In his four feature films and three shorts, he blends documentary and dramatic forms to explore subjects ranging from claim adjusters working in post-Katrina New Orleans to divinely inspired folk architects. His first two narrative films, Low and Behold and Lord Byron, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and his documentaries have played on The Documentary Channel and garnered awards at film festivals around the country. His latest film, The Boatman, is part the Time, Inc. documentary series New Orleans: Here and Now, made in honor of the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. It is available to watch on  

Awards & Honors

For Low and Behold:

  • Sundance film Festival, official selection
  • Winner Best Feature: 2007 Bend Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, Rome International Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival
  • Winner Best Supporting Actor: 2007 Bend Film Festival
  • Winner Best Director: 2007 Sidewalk Film Festival

Selected Publications

Feature Films:

God's Architects (2009)-- This documentary tells the stories of five divinely inspired artist-architects and their enigmatic creations.

Low and Behold (2007)-- Turner Stull (Barlow Jacobs), an uninspired young man, trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life, arrives in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans to work as an insurance claims adjuster. Turner befriends a local man looking for his lost dog, and together, they navigate their way through the storm-ravaged city, a journey that will change Turner's life.