Clinical Child Track Requirements

 Track Head: Paul Frick, PhD


The Clinical Child Track (CCT) is open to any student who has been admitted to the APA accredited doctoral program in Clinical Psychology at Louisiana State University and all students in the CCT must meet all of the requirements of this doctoral program. Consistent with the overall Clinical Psychology program, the CCCT subscribes to the scientist-practitioner model of clinical training that emphasizes the integration of the scientific and applied aspects of clinical psychology. The goal of the CCT is to provide a specified set of didactic, practical, and research experiences that allow the student to competently provide evidence-based psychological services to children and adolescents and to make important contributions to research that advance theory and practice in clinical child psychology.


Students in the CCT must take the following courses as part of their doctoral degree requirements:PSYC 7171 Developmental Disorders & Psychopathology of ChildrenPSYC 7972 Child Behavior TherapyAnd, as required for all clinical area students, PSYC7949 Behavioral Perspective on Lifestyle Development or PSYC7979 Current Problems in Developmental Psychology: Lifespan Development


Students must complete a dissertation that is on a topic that significantly advances research in clinical child and adolescent psychology.


Students must take a minimum of 2 years (12 credit hours) of practicum (PSYC 7688 Practicum in Clinical Psychology/PSYC 7689 Practicum in Clinical Psychology) that involve supervised training in evidence-based clinical services to children and adolescents.


Students must complete an APA-accredited internship that involves providing supervised psychological interventions to children and/or adolescents.