Clinical Practicum Sites


Clinical training occurs through applied experiences in a variety of onsite and external settings. The below  is a list of practicum sites approved by the LSU Clinical Psychology Program. Each utilized evidence-based assessment and intervention strategies and students conduct clinical services under the supervision of licensed psychologists..

Onsite Practicum

Psychological Services Center (PSC), under the supervision of LSU Clinical Psychology faculty, all of whom are licensed clinical psychologists: Dr. Julia Buckner, Dr. Matt Calamia, Dr. Alex Cohen, Dr. Amy Copeland, Dr. Thompson Davis, Dr. Johnny Matson, or Dr. Paul Frick

External Practicum

Site  On-Site Supervisor  LSU Faculty
19th JDC Adult Drug Treatment Court Program Quintin Gustin, LPC Buckner
Baton Rouge Clinic, Pediatric Psychology Mary Lou Kelley, PhD Kelley
Capitol Area Human Services District (CAHSD), Community Mental Health Clinic Alex Cohen, PhD Cohen
East Louisiana State Psychiatric Hospital (ELSPH) Gina Mire, Ph.D., Laura Brown, Ph.D. Cohen
Jefferson Neurobehavioral Group Neuropsycholgoical Assessment/ Sage Rehabilitation Hospital Lauren Rasmussen, PhD Calamia
Mary Bird Perkins Glenn Jones, PhD, MP DCT (Buckner)
Ochsner Medical Center: Neuropsychology R. John Sawyer II, PhD, Brian Mizuki, PhD, Beth Arredondo, PhD Calamia
 Our Lady of the Lake Center for Psychiatric Services: Adult Assessment  Matt Calamia, PhD  Calamia
Our Lady of the Lake Center for Psychiatric Services: Adult Therapy Julie Buckner, PhD Buckner
Our Lady of the Lake Center for Psychiatric Services: Child Services Mary Lou Kelley, PhD Kelley
Our Lady of the Lake Hospital Psychiatric Inpatient Adolescent Unit (Tau), Paul Frick, PhD Frick
 Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Institute for Dementia Research and Prevention  Matt Calamia, PhD  Calamia
 St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness Center  Amy Copeland, PhD, MP  Copeland
 The NeuroMedical Center  Paul M. Dammers, Ph.D., M.P  Copeland
Sites Added 2018-2019   
LeBlanc Psychological Services Monique LeBlanc, PhD DCT (Buckner)
Our Lady of the Lake Hospital Emergency Department Lee Tynes, MD, PhD Tucker
 Evergreen Life Services  Daniene Neal, Ph.D Matson
Gulfsouth Autism Center Daniene Neal, Ph.D Matson
Emerge Center Delilah Mendes de Gouveia, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA Noell
Frey Psychology F. Charles Frey, IV, PhD, ABPP Copeland