Lara Glenum

Lara Glenum

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Georgia

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Lara Glenum is the author of four books of poetry, including Pop Corpse, Maximum Gaga, The Hounds of No, and All Hopped Up On Fleshy Dumdums, a limited edition art book. Writing in Tarpaulin Sky, David B. Applegate describes her work as “a splattered fairy tale for today, a new flavor of poetic candy, and, ultimately, a pleasure to read.” Glenum is also the co-editor of the anthology Gurlesque: the new grrly, grotesque, burlesque poetics, which Ms. magazine calls “a daring, juicy read that bodes well for a new popular feminist poetics.” In 2013, The Stockholm International Poetry Festival featured Gurlesque writing and art from around the world, and Glenum was invited as a keynote speaker. Her poems have appeared in over thirty literary magazines and have been translated into several other languages, including Swedish, Spanish, and Quechua. The recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship and an NEA Translation Grant, Glenum is an Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at LSU. Learn more about Lara and her work at: 

Area(s) of Interest

Creative writing; Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century poetry and poetics; hybrid forms; multimodal writing; art and activism; gender and sexuality studies; theory and craft of translation; International Modernisms and the historical Avant-Garde; literature and the visual arts

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