Christopher Rovee

Christopher Rovee

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D., Princeton University

212-R Allen Hall


Christopher Rovee is the author of 'Imagining the Gallery: The Social Body of British Romanticism' (Stanford, 2006), as well as articles on subjects including ruins tourism, the history of close reading, early paper photography, and contemporary ideas about museums and waste. He is presently completing a second book, 'The New Critical Nostalgia: Romantic Lyric and the Crisis of Academic Life,' a revisionary disciplinary history that interrogates the elegiac character of modern literary studies. Professor Rovee teaches classes on an assortment of subjects, such as period-specific seminars on the Romantic lyric and on Jane Austen, trans-historical classes on Reading Practices and on Photography and Literature, and more general courses on Literary Theory, on Poetry, and on the History of Criticism. Professor Rovee joined LSU’s Department of English in 2013. He received his BA from the University of California, Berkeley, his MPhil from Oxford University, and his PhD from Princeton University.

Area(s) of Interest

Romanticism, History of Criticism, Poetry and Poetics, Critical University Studies, Museum Studies, Visual Culture, Photography

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