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Scholarship Competition

The LSU Scholarship Competition is for admitted students who have been invited to compete through official communication for LSU's top full cost of attendance scholarships, the Stamps Scholarship and President's Alumni Scholars Award.  

Stamps & President's Alumni Scholars Scholarship

LSU is a proud partner of the Stamps Scholars Programs, and is proud to be one of a handful of universities in the country to offer the Stamps Scholarship. LSU also proudly offers the President’s Alumni Scholarship, one of the top merit-based scholarships on campus, which is funded through the LSU Alumni Association from an endowment made in memory of Ola and Ruth Cain by Gordon A. Cain and Mary H. Cain. These elite awards cover the full cost of attendance for four years, as well as an unprecedented level of funding for enrichment experiences. Stamps and President's Alumni Scholars are directed to resources that will help cultivate each scholar's intellectual distinction, initiative, and commitment to service, leadership, global knowledge, and career exploration. 

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