Federal Loan Periods

A loan period is the academic period of enrollment a federal student loan is intended for, certified, and can be disbursed.

Academic Level Semester 2018-2019 Dates
Law Student Summer, Fall, Spring 06/05/18-05/03/19
Law Student Summer only 06/05/18-07/27/18
Law Student Summer and Fall 06/05/18-12/07/18
Law Student Fall Only 08/13/18-12/07/18
Law Student Fall and Spring 08/13/18-05/03/19
Law Student Spring Only 01/14/19-05/03/19
Veterinary Medicine Student Summer, Fall, Spring 05/07/18-05/03/19
Veterinary Medicine Student Summer only 05/07/18-07/26/18
Veterinary Medicine Student Summer and Fall 05/07/18-12/07/18
Veterinary Medicine Student Fall Only 08/09/18-12/07/18
Veterinary Medicine Student Fall and Spring 08/09/18-05/03/19
Veterinary Medicine Student Spring Only 01/02/19-05/03/19
Undergraduate or Graduate Student Summer, Fall, Spring 06/04/18-05/03/19
Undergraduate or Graduate Student Summer Session A Only 06/04/18-07/26/18
Undergraduate or Graduate Student Summer Session B Only 06/04/18-07/06/18
Undergraduate or Graduate Student Summer and Fall 06/04/18-12/07/18
Undergraduate or Graduate Student Fall Only 08/20/18-12/07/18
Undergraduate or Graduate Student Fall and Spring 08/20/18-05/03/19
Undergraduate or Graduate Student Spring Only 01/09/19-05/03/19
LSU Online Student Term 1, Term 2, and Term 3 07/02/18-06/22/19
LSU Online Student Term 1 (Second Summer Module and First Fall Module) 07/02/18-10/12/18
LSU Online Student Term 2 (Second Fall Module and First Spring Module) 10/22/18-03/01/19
LSU Online Student Term 3 (Second Spring Module and First Summer Module) 03/11/19-06/21/19