Students Show Appreciation for Dr. Kargarian


Dr. Kargarian holding up his Outstanding Professor award next to his students.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Dr. Amin Kargarian was celebrated by his students for his exceptional ability as a professor. Dr. Kargarian has been with LSU since August 2015, when he began as an assistant professor. Students of his Tools and Methods for Power System Analysis class wanted to recognize his accomplishments by presenting him with his own Outstanding Professor award.

“This is the most fulfilling award I have received in my life as it directly comes from my students; [it makes] me more energized to help my [current and future] students and care about them more and more,” said Dr. Kargarian when asked for his thoughts on the award.

To celebrate, the class brought some of his favorite foods from his home country of Iran. One of his students even made his favorite cake for the occasion.

Dr. Kargarian strives to “[create] a comfortable environment for [his] students to ask questions…learn from one another, and learn the concept [while] being less worried about grades.” He often inserts personal anecdotes into his class to foster a more dynamic relationship between him and his students. Ultimately, his goal is to establish a sense of friendship with his students and equip them with the skills needed for their professional careers.