Fact Sheets & Reports

Campus Climate Survey

In Fall 2016, Louisiana State University administered a Campus Climate Survey asking employees and students questions about their overall employment/educational satisfaction and their experiences with, perceptions of, and concerns about campus inclusion.  

AAUW Pay Equity Resource Kit

The AAUW Pay Equity Resource Kit is a resource for education and advocacy on equal pay. It provides background information, suggestions for programming and advocacy, and tools you can use to raise the issue of fair pay for women in your community. In this resource kit you will find facts and figures and information on current federal legislation dealing with pay equity.

Health and Wellness Tip Sheet 

Louisiana Women and the Wage Gap:

A fact sheet compiled by the National Partnership for Women and Families showing that as of 2014 women in Louisiana are earning 67 cents for every dollar paid to men.

 Sexual Assault On College Campuses Fact Sheet

The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap:

A report by the American Association of University Women.