LSU to modernize roadways on campus

December 2017



The University renamed the road in front of the LSU African American Cultural Center from one remembering Confederate admiral Raphael Semmes to Veterans Drive.

The renaming is one of two major changes coming to campus on November 27 as part of the Comprehensive and Strategic Campus Master Plan that was approved at the October 13 Board of Supervisors meeting. Buildings on campus are having physical addresses added, and streets around campus will be renamed, according to a University press release.

The renaming of Raphael Semmes is part of the University’s commitment to honoring the armed forces, said LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard.

“Raphael Semmes Road will be named Veterans Drive,” Ballard said in a statement. “The street will be home to LSU’s new Veterans Center, and is consistent with other military memorials in the area, such as Memorial Tower, Memorial Oak Grove [and] Veterans’ Memorial on the Parade Ground. LSU continues to pay homage to those who risked their lives [for] our nation.”

The addresses and street name changes are the result of the Master Plan’s Roadway Naming Modernization Plan, according to the press release. The goal of this plan is to cohesively improve way finding on campus and help the University move toward a GPS-based address numbering system, which includes coordinates to main entrances and service entrances to make navigation easier for emergency services, deliveries and directions for those on campus.

Ballard said the changes are already occurring, so the change should be noticeable soon.

“Changing the signs only takes a few days, so students should see the changes in the next week or so,” Ballard said.


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