Sibei Xia Biography

Sibei Xia

Sibei Xia

Assistant Professor
135 Human Ecology Building



PhD, Textile Technology Management – North Carolina State University, 2018

MS, Computer Science – North Carolina State University, 2017

MS, Textiles – North Carolina State University, 2013

BS, Fashion Design and Engineering – Donghua University, 2011

Research Interests

  • Flatbed knitting
  • Fashion Informatics
  • 3D body scanning and body data mining

Current Research

  • Develop smart/functional knitted textile products for vulnerable groups
  • Computer vision applications in fashion images

Courses Taught

  • TAM 3037 Flat Pattern Design
  • TAM 3032 Textile and Apparel Product Development
  • TAM 3230 Pattern Design with Computer Application
  • TAM 3430 Emerging Technologies in Apparel Design
  • TAM 4037 Apparel Design Through Draping
  • TAM 7030 Creativity in Product Development
  • TAM 7041 Introduction to Research in Textiles, Apparel Design and Merchandising


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