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To prepare students for professional careers in the textile and apparel industries, which are interconnected and global in nature, this curriculum provides an integrated, multi-functional academic experience.

Students focus on design, development, and marketing of textile and apparel products and are encouraged to develop a broad-based problem solving perspective through synthesis of concepts, coursework, and work experiences. Students concentrate on a component of the textile/apparel industry complex by selecting textile science, apparel design, or merchandising as a program area.

Graduates pursue careers with textile and apparel manufacturers, retailers, testing laboratories, government agencies, media firms, or they may open their own businesses.

Donna SappDonna Sapp
Instructor, Curriculum Coordinator and Undergraduate Coordinator
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Fashion Association @ LSU

The Fashion Association at LSU is a student organization mainly composed of Textile Science, Apparel Design, and Merchandising students in the College of Agriculture at Louisiana State University. Learn more about FALSU.