Chunmin Lang Biography

Chunmin Lang

Chunmin Lang

Associate Professor
143 Human Ecology Building

Areas of Expertise

Sustainable consumption and Collaborative consumption in fashion

Product-Service System (PSS) in fashion area

Fashion Entrepreneurship


PhD, Design, Housing & Merchandising, focus on Apparel Merchandising – Oklahoma State University, 2015

MS, College of Clothing Art and Engineering – Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, 2007

Research Interests

  • Fashion Sustainability and Circular Economy
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Fashion Products
  • Sustainability Education
  • Digital Marketing of Fashion Sustainability

Current Research

  • Circular economy and fashion resale
  • Life cycle assessment of textile and apparel products
  • Social media communication of fashion sustainability
  • Fashion Sustainability education through carbon footprints
  • Small fashion businesses in the new era

Courses Taught

  • TAM 3042 Retail Buying and Management
  • TAM 4070 Entrepreneurship in Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising
  • TAM 4044 Global Textile and Apparel Economics
  • TAM 7039 Merchandising Theory Application and Strategy Implementation in Apparel and Textile Industry
  • TAM 7038 Merchandising Trend Merchandise Trends and Practices in Apparel and Textile Industry


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