William Kelso


F.O. Bateman Professor of Renewable Natural Resources

Assistant Director
School of Renewable Natural Resources

Room 118 RNR Bldg
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

phone: (225) 578-4176
email:  wkelso@lsu.edu

Room 123B RNR Bldg
phone: 225-578-4071

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I like teaching and have developed several courses at LSU over the past 26 years. RNR 1001 is particularly enjoyable (although enrollment has increased to 360 students a semester), as it is a general education elective, with the majority of students in the class coming from disciplines outside of natural resources.

  • RNR 1001 - Natural Resource Conservation, Spring and Fall, 3 hours
  • RNR 1002 - Issues in Natural Resource Management, Spring and fall, 1 hour discussion
  • RNR 2002 - Introduction to Fisheries and Aquaculture, Fall, 3 hours, co-taught with Dr. Robert Reigh, Aquaculture
  • RNR 4023 - Marine Fisheries Resources, Spring, 3 hours
  • RNR 4040 - Fisheries Management, Fall, 3 hours
  • RNR 4106 - Techniques in Fisheries and Limnology, Intersession, 2 hours, co-taught with Dr. Michael Kaller
  • RNR 7020 - Ecology of Fishes, Spring, 3 hours, for graduate students interested in all aspects of fish ecology and biology