Welcome to the LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources

The School of Renewable Natural Resources (RNR) is a leading institution in natural resource conservation and management, with a focus on wetland landscapes, wildlife populations, coastal and freshwater fisheries, and forest resources and ecology. Its programs in research, teaching, and outreach offer a unique opportunity for individuals interested in making a difference in these critical areas.

The School emphasizes basic and applied research that is relevant to the citizens of Louisiana and the broader scientific community. They actively seek out exceptional scientists to join their team and encourage collaboration with experts from various fields. 

Upcoming in RNR

  • Oct. 5-6: Fall Break


Renewable Natural Resources News

PhD candidate Ashley Booth, who studies coastal wetlands at LSU's School of Renewable Natural Resources, recently completed a NOAA Sea Grant Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship, where she supported federal policy efforts related to the environment.

Katie Miranda, natural ecology and management major, is working with populations of wood duck ducklings.

Heidi Marshall is a natural resource ecology and management wildlife major studying drought tolerance in bottomland forests by measuring cuticular conductance in 20 different plant species.