Plant Pathology Seminar Schedule for Spring 2023

The Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology is pleased to present the Departmental Seminar series for the Fall 2022 semester. Seminars feature a series of speakers presenting topics on plant diseases, the pathogens that cause them and their management.

Seminars take place every Wednesday at 3:30 PM in Room A465 Life Science Annex and is open to the everyone who would like to attend. For more information, contact Dr. Jeff Hoy at

Date Seminar Speaker Topic
January 25 Dr. Jeff Hoy, LSU AgCenter  Adventures of a commodity pathologist
February 1 Drs. Brian Ward and Marija Zivanovic, ISK Biosciences  What does industry look like for plant pathology?
February 8 Iris Aguilar, LSU AgCenter  Plant-parasitic nematodes in sugarcane 
February 15 Dr. Blaine Viator, Calvin Viator, Ph.D. and Associates  Independent agricultural consulting in Louisiana: Experiences of a 35-year veteran, diversification of fields of study, and public-private partnerships
February 22 Mardi Gras holiday  
March 1 Alejandra Vargas, LSU AgCenter  Using dual RNA-seq to explore plant-fungus interactions
March 8 David Galo, LSU AgCenter  Response of sweetpotato genotypes to Meloidogyne enterolobii and M. incognita parasitism
March 15 Spring Break  
March 22 Dr. Jon Richards, LSU AgCenter  Two sides of the same coin: Understanding plant disease from the host and pathogen perspectives
March 29 Dr. Sunshine Van Bael, Tulane University  Plant-microbe interactions along the coast: Challenges under increasing anthropogenic and environmental pressures
April 5 Dr. David Geiser, Pennsylvania State University  Fusarium oxysporum: Is it finally starting to make sense?
April 12 Dr. Mary Helen Ferguson, LSU AgCenter  People and plants: A career in Cooperative Extension
April 19 Waana Kaluwasha, LSU AgCenter  Could our knowledge of wound healing and its role in disease development guide the choice of management options for Rhizopus soft rot on sweetpotato storage roots?
April 26 Hamilton Crockett, LSU AgCenter  Molecular characterization and survey of Phytophthora spp. isolated from various host plant species in Louisiana
May 3 Jonas Padilla, LSU AgCenter  Development of biological agents that promote soybean growth and health through seed-treatment