Olanike OmolehinOlanike Omolehin

Graduate Student
E-mail: oomole2@lsu.edu
Major Professor: Dr. Robert Brown/Dr. Zhi Yuan Chen


Ph.D. student, Plant Health (Plant Pathology), Louisiana State University (2015 - present)
M.S., Agronomy, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (2014)
B.Sc., Agronomy, University of Ibadan, Nigeria (2010)



Current Research: Identification of Resistance associated protein (RAPs) genes for Aspergillus flavus control in corn

Hypothesis: Genes identified by comparative transcriptomics of some Aspergillus flavus resistant versus susceptible corn inbred lines may lead to identification of resistance associated protein genes that could contribute to seed-based A. flavus resistance in corn. RAPs identified by transcriptomics and verified by proteomics of same lines under the same conditions will provide sources of resistance for genetic engineering of A. flavus resistant corn lines, and useful markers for breeding resistance into otherwise A. flavus susceptible commercial varieties.

Work Experience:

Graduate Assistant, Louisiana State University (2015-present)

Raw material procurement officer, Nigeria Distilleries Limited (2014)

Research Fellow, - Corn breeding, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (2012-2014)