Kensy RodriguezKensy Rodriguez

Graduate Student
Major Professor: Dr. Sara Thomas-Sharma


2020-present: Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology

2020: BS in Agronomy, Universidad Nacional de Agricultura, Honduras (UNA).



Current Research Focus:

Aerial Blight of soybean caused by Rhizoctonia Solani (AG 1-1A) is a major production constraint in Louisiana, especially in rice/soybean rotation fields. There is little information on varietal resistance and fungicide resistance is a major problem. My research focuses on developing a greenhouse variety screening protocol and using it to assess the resistance of cultivars grown in the state. My research will directly help growers choose better varieties  for plants grown in areas with high disease pressure.

Professional Experience:

Sep-Dec, 2019: Internship in Plant Diagnostic Center, PPCP, LSU