photo: huDongfang Hu

Graduate Student
Major Professor: Dr. Zhi-Yuan Chen


  • Ph.D Student, Plant Health (Plant Pathology), 2012-present: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, U.S.
  • Master, Plant Pathology, 2009-2012:Northwest A&F University (NWSUAF), Yangling, Shaanxi, P.R.China.
  • B. S., Plant Protection, 2005-2009: Northwest A&F University (NWSUAF), Yangling, Shaanxi, P.R.China.

Area of Research:

In 2004, Asian soybean rust was first reported in Louisiana and other Southeastern US states. Until now, five major R genes conferring single gene resistance to ASR have been reported: Rpp1, Rpp2, Rpp3, Rpp4, Rpp5. However, resistance conferred by these single genes has not been durable. In addition, the exact mechanism of why these lines are resistance is poorly understood/or investigated, which makes the effort of developing rust resistance commercial soybean lines a real challenge. During the previous study in this lab, a PR10 protein was found to be significantly up-regulated during the initial stage of rust infection. There is very little knowledge about PR10 regulation mechanism, even though PR10 are widely distributed in the plant kingdom. Therefore, there is a clear need to investigate possible functions of PR10 during soybean and rust interaction and in conferring soybean resistance to rust.  This will help us to better develop soybean lines with enhanced resistance to rust.


  • Honor of Excellent Bachelor Graduation Thesis of the University (2009, awarded to only 5% of undergraduates)
  • The first-class Graduate Scholarship, NWSUAF, 2009-2012 
  • Honor of Excellent Master graduate student, NWSUAF, 2009-2012


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