Heaher CizekHeather Cizek

Graduate Student

Email: hcizek@agcenter.lsu.edu 
Major Professor: Dr. Rodrigo Valverde


2019-present: M.S.- Louisiana State University, Plant Pathology

2016-2019: B.S. Louisiana State University, Natural Resource Ecology and Management focusing on Fisheries with a minor in Wildlife Ecology



Area of Research

Investing aphid alone and Bipolaris sp. alone influences on different lineages of Roseau cane. Also, investigating simultaneous infestation of aphids and Bipolaris sp. on Roseau cane. 

Research Experience

During undergrad helped with a project involving different herbicide level impacts on respiration of blue-gill green sunfish hybrids.

Had an internship at the New Orleans Aquarium and helped with research involving Tequila splitfin breeding.