Ms. Rosalie Calderon

Rosalie Calderon

Graduate Student

Major Professor: Dr. Jong Hyun Ham


2000: BS in Agriculture, Benquet State University, Philippines.
2011: MS in Plant Pathology, Benquet State University, Philippines.

Research Focus:

Disease management of soybean using beneficial bacteria that induce plant resistance, promote plant growth, or antagonize plant pathogens.
Multiple laboratory tests are conducted to determine biological control activities of the selected antagonistic bacteria isolated from the soybean field. Moreover, bacterial isolates selected from the laboratory tests are evaluated in the greenhouse to determine their effects on seed germination, plant vigor and disease resistance. The best bacterial isolates will be tested in the field. Furthermore, the microbial community within each soil condition of soybean field are being characterized through analyses of the high-throughput DNA sequencing data and comparison of microbial community patterns between different growing seasons.