Name Title Email Phone Location Topic
Tuuri, Georgianna Department Chair, Professor

225-578-1722 255 Knapp Hall Behavioral change,
food literacy
Adhikari, Achyut Associate Department
Chair, Associate

225-578-2529 261 Knapp Food Safety
Aryana, Kayanush Professor

225-578-4380 115 Dairy Science Functional foods, Probiotics
Baker, Petrie Administrative Program

225-578-3929 295 Knapp Graduate and
Academic Coordinator
Barleycorn, Lindsay Instructor, Coordinator
of Undergraduate

225-578-2598 271 Knapp Hall Nutrition Instructor
Cambre, Lindsey Administrative Coordinator 

225-578-5207 284 Knapp Hall  
Charles, Sharman Instructor, EFNEP

225-578-1704 275 Knapp Hall EFNEP
Doré, Shellie Senior Instructor

225-578-3661 205 Knapp Hall Nutrition Instructor
Eubanks, Gina AVP & FCS

225-578-1938 Efferson FCS Extension
Freightman, Jamila Extension Associate

225-578-8782 249 Knapp Healthy Communities
Gollub, Elizabeth Assistant Professor

225-578-4448 297D Knapp Food/Eating Behaviors,
Nutrition Education,
Program Evaluation
Greene, Matt Extension Associate

225-578-5799 203 Knapp SNAP
Gupta, Priyanka Research Associate

225-578-5207 202T Knapp Food Safety
Gutierrez, Ashley Assistant Director of

225-578-5423 216 AFSL Food Incubator &
Sensory Lab
Holston, Denise Associate Professor

225-578-4573 201 Knapp Rural food access,
Food security and
Qualitative research
Keenan, Michael Professor

225-578-1708 209 Knapp Molecular nutrition,
Resistant starch,
Rodent models
King, Joan Professor

225-578-5157 201J AFSL Ingredient testing and
product development,
food chemistry
Losavio, Ruthie Extension Associate

225-578-5207 202A Knapp Healthy Communities
Losso, Jack Professor

225-578-3883 201G AFSL Protein Biotechnology,
Chronic Disease
Marceaux, Jenny Assistant to the

225-578-1509 293 Knapp Dept HR, Accounting,
Staff Supervisor
May, Sandra Instructor

225-578-5808 263 Knapp Flavors of Health,
McKinley, Erin Assistant Professor

225-578-1631 285 Knapp Breastfeeding,
Survey design/testing
Milioto, Brandi Instructor

225-578-1537 257 Knapp Nutrition Instructor
Miller, Makenzie Extension Associate

225-578-4565 202D Knapp Healthy Communities,
Murphy, Celika Administrative

225-578-4475 297E Knapp LaCarte and Travel
Myhand, Judy Senior Instructor

225-578-1718 219 Human Ecology Nutrition Instructor
Pitts, Courtney Extension Associate

225-578-3329 265 Knapp Healthy Beginnings for
Your Baby,
Prinyawiwatkul, Witoon Professor

225-578-5188 201B AFSL Sensory sciences,
Consumer research,
Product innovation
Raggio, Anne Research Associate

225-763-2531 C1055 PBRC Molecular nutrition,
resistant starch
Seals, Katherine Research Associate

225-578-8131 202B Knapp Healthy Communities
Stroope, Jessica Research Associate

225-578-1974 202G Knapp Healthy Communities
Subramaniam, Sathivel Professor

225-578-0614 220 Wilson Food & Bioprocessing,
 Unit Operations,
Thermal & non-thermal
Verbois, Carla Extension Associate

225-578-0485 281 Knapp SNAP
Watts, Evelyn Associate Professor

225-578-6304 201C AFSL Seafood Technology.
Education and Outreach
Wise, James Assistant Professor

225-578-3997 269 Knapp Hall Environmental health and lung cancer
Xu, Zhimin (Jimmy) Professor

225-578-5280  201H AFSL Chromatography,
flavor, and colorants