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American History

Graduate Students Research Interests Advisor
Bruce Makoto Arnold U.S. Cultural History and Asian American History Charles J. Shindo, PhD
Jonathon Awtrey Print Culture, Religion and Politics, Literary Nationalism, Religious and Ethnic Identity, Classical Tradition

Gaines Foster, PhD

Ashley Baggett Diseases and Public Health in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Carolyn Lewis, PhD

Tom Barber Crowd Action in Colonial British America Nancy Isenberg, PhD
Yvonne Brown U.S. Women's History and Twentieth-Century Louisiana Cultural and Social History

Alecia P. Long, PhD

David Brokaw 20th century U.S. cultural history, The Twilight Zone Charles Shindo, PhD
Geoffrey Cunningham

Nineteenth Century U.S. South

William J. Cooper, Jr., PhD
Jeff Crawford African American lumber mill workers, 1920s-1950s Kodi Roberts, PhD
Alan Daley Antebellum South, Memory Gaines Foster, PhD
Mark Ehlers

Civil War; United States Colored Troops

Nancy Isenberg, PhD
Alan T. Forrester

Antebellum South; Secession Crisis; Women and Politics; Women's Education

William J. Cooper, Jr., PhD
Michael Frawley Economic History/Antebellum South; Relationship between Slave Ownership and Industrial Investment in Antebellum South Paul F. Paskoff, PhD
Lee Gresham Germanic migrations and settlement of the early middle ages Maribel Dietz, PhD
Adelaide Hair Southern Politics in the Twentieth Century

Gaines M. Foster, PhD

Ryan Hall Louisiana; Second-Party System, Whigs, Know Nothing Party Gaines Foster, PhD
Zach Isenhower Native American Legal Identity and Sovereignty Nancy Isenberg, PhD
Andrew Johnson Interactions Between Natives and Whites Along the Frontier; Freemasons Nancy Isenberg, PhD
Bennet Koerber 1920s American Pop Culture, Sports Charles Shindo, PhD
Spencer McBride

American Revolution and Early Republic

Andrew Burstein, PhD

Garrett McKinnon US Foreign Policy/Military, The Development and Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles David Culbert, PhD
Emily Meyer American South Alicia Long, PhD
Ali Nabours The relationship between government and individuals over food and agriculture in the rural 20th century South David Culbert, PhD
Jennifer L. Perrett 20th Century Foreign Policy and Political Culture, Post WWII David Culbert, PhD
Mona Rocha

Twentieth Century Women's History; Objectification and Empowerment

Carolyn Lewis, PhD

Fernando Rodriguez 20th Century U.S. Diplomatic David Culbert, PhD
Chad Shelley US Dipolmatic Relations in the Cold War David Culbert, PhD
Lindsay Silver 19th Century New Orleans Prostitution Alecia Long, PhD
A. Wendel Stout IV Louisiana History of the mid to late 19th Century

Alecia P. Long, PhD

Stuart Tully 20th Century Culture, Rap and Hip Hop movement

Charles J. Shindo, PhD

Terry Wagner

Counterculture, Film, 60s-70s

David H. Culbert, PhD

Andrew Wegmann Antebellum racial culture and identity, with emphasis on the politics of skin color within Southern free black communities

Andrew Burstein, PhD

J.B. White American geostrategic concerns in the late Cold War period David Culbert, PhD

British History

Graduate Students Research Interests Advisor
Amanda Allen English Reformation, Religious Propaganda, Edward VI Victor L. Stater, PhD
Caroline Armbruster

Marriage, The Court, and Women's Political Agency in Tudor England

Victor L. Stater, PhD
Sabrina Rae Cesvantez 19th century Victorian Britain, History of Geology Meredith Veldman, PhD
Erin Halloran

Early Modern Britain, Medical History the Professionalization of the Field

Victor L. Stater, PhD
Clara Howell

Early Modern England

Victor L. Stater, PhD
Michael Lane

Early Modern British History

Victor L. Stater, PhD
Kim Rush

Tudor-Stuart Period; Renaissance; European Intellectual History

Victor L. Stater, PhD
Katherine Sawyer Thesis: "'Unspottyd Lambs of the Lord': Presbyterianism and the People in Elizabethan London" Victor L. Stater, PhD
Megan Spruell

Early Modern Britain

Victor L. Stater, PhD

European History

Graduate Students Research Interests Advisor
Scott Berg Josephinism and the Austrian Church, 19th Century Suzanne L. Marchand, PhD
B. Taylor Craft Merovingian and Carolingian France; Medieval Papacy and Jewish Expulsions Maribel Dietz, PhD
Alex Dessens Medieval Western Europe Maribel Dietz, PhD
Lauren Doughty Anglo-Scandinavian History 900-1100 Maribel Dietz, PhD
Nikolaus Leo Overtoom Ancient Mediterranean and Early Medieval History Steven Ross, PhD
Eric Poche Development of Monasticism during the Late Antiquity Period; Norman Conquest of Sicily; Third-Century Imperial Rome Maribel Dietz, PhD
Phillip Preshlock Military education in Imperial Germany and history of the Prussian-German army from 1657-1945 Suzanne L. Marchand, PhD
Lindsay Randolph Spanish colonialism, Spain on the Continent 1400-1800 Paul Hoffman, PhD
William Schulz 19th Century European Intellectual History; French Revolution; Church History; Political Theory  
Greg Tomlinson Prussia in the Long-Nineteenth Century Suzanne L. Marchand, PhD
Erik Wagner German Intellectual History Suzanne Marchand, PhD
Kelly Whittaker Judicial Bureaucracy in early 19th Century France Benjamin F. Martin, PhD
Jason Wolfe Impact of Missionaries in Former German Colonies David F. Lindenfeld, PhD



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