12th International Congress
on Combustion By-Products and Their Health Effects:
Combustion Engineering and Global Health in the 21st Century - Issues and Challenges

June 5th - June 8th, 2011
Zhejiang University in Hanzhou, China

The objectives of this Congress are to provide an international forum to discuss topics on the origin, fate, and health effects of combustion by-products.  This field has gained significant relevance to worldwide environmental policy because risk-based programs rely increasingly on the ability of advanced scientific research to provide mechanistic, diagnostic, and analytical answers to complex problems concerning exposure to air toxicants.

The Congress provides a forum for advanced learning through emphasis on internationally recognized speakers; advanced scientific, health, and engineering research presentations; and an extensive poster session.  This focus furnishes ample learning experiences and knowledge exchange for all participants.  The Congress is especially interested in attracting abstracts and encouraging participation from students and new investigators.

Researchers and practitioners have the opportunity to interact and discuss recent developments and future goals in the control of combustion by-products, as well as to explore in great detail the effects of exposure to combustion emissions on human health and ecosystems.

Emissions from combustion sources continue to be an important health and environmental issue.  Recent studies have identified new biological effects and mechanisms associated with exposure to combustion emissions, and a more detailed picture is emerging of the combustion parameters and atmospheric chemistry associated with adverse health effects. 

Integrated Conference Themes

  1. Waste Thermal treatment
  2. Combustion emissions (conventional and alternative fuels)
  3. Dioxins and other organic air toxics
  4. Priority pollutants and chemistry in urban and rural environments
  5. Global climate change, CO2 Capture and storage
  6. Clean coal technologies
  7. Soot and nanoparticle formation and characterization
  8. Advanced diagnostics and measurement technologies
  9. Metals, mercury, and ash chemistry
  10. New/emerging measurement technologies in aerosol science and combustion by-products on-line
Health Impacts:
  1. Health effects of combustion pollutants in developing countries
  2. Characterization and health impacts of coarse, fine, and ultrafine ambient air particles
  3. Persistent free radicals and oxidative stress
  4. Carcinogenicity and mutagenicity of air pollutants
  5. Impact of air pollution on cardiovascular and pulmonary disease
  6. Biokinetics/biodistribution: the respiratory tract as portal of entry
We are communicating using web and video conferencing


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