Graduate Students 2016-17

PhD Students



PIPER BLACK, Literature. Major Professor: TBD Degree Expected: 2020

A native of Illinois, Piper graduated from Eastern Illinois University in December of 2013 with bachelor's degrees in French and journalism as well as a minor in entrepreneurship. She then completed her MA in French from the University of Maine in 2016 with her thesis entitled "Ireland in the Writings of Georges Dor, Jacques Ferron, and Louis Gauthier."
Her academic interests include 19th century and comparative literatures.




ALECIA DAVIS, Linguistics. Major Professor: Sylvie Dubois. Degree expected: May 2019

Alecia is a Texas native who received a BA in French from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2012. She received her MA in Romance Languages ​​with a concentration in French from Texas Tech University in 2014 where she wrote her thesis entitled "The Language Attitudes of Quebecois Millenials Towards English Loanwords in Quebec French." Her academic interests lie in Sociolinguistics (specifically language contact, code-switching and language planning). 



SYLVESTRE MEKEM DOUANLA, Literature. Major Professor: Pius Ngandu. . Degree expected: May 2019
Sylvestre holds a BA and MA from the University of Yaoundé (Cameroon) in Francophone literature. He completed another MA (Teaching French as a Foreign Language) at University of Cape Town (South Africa) in 2011. After designing a syllabus that has been implemented at UCT, he taught at Alliance Française of Johannesburg. His research interests are French and Francophone literature, postcolonial and migration studies.



Ann François 

ANN FRANCOIS, Literature. Major Professor: Adelaide Russo. Degree expected: May 2018.

Ann is  from Brussels, Belgium. Ann first moved to Louisiana in 2004 with CODOFIL as a French Immersion Teacher. She taught French immersion and French as a second language for 15 years in Belgium, Switzerland, and Louisiana. At the same time she completed an MA degree in Romance Languages ​​at University of New Orleans. Her interests are 20th and 21st century: France and Francophone literacy, with a special focus on Belgian and Francophone comic books and graphic novels, as well as French and Francophone art and cinema.


JEANNE JEGOUSSO , Literature. Minors: Anthropology, Comparative Literature. Major Professors: Pius  Ngandu, Adelaide Russo. Degree expected: May 2018.

She received her BA from François Rabelais University in Tours, France with a dual major in French Literature and Teaching French as a Second Language and a minor in Visual Arts and Theater. Jeanne completed her MA in French at LSU in 2014.  She created the program "LSU in Guadeloupe" in 2015. She is the President of the Graduate Student Caucus of Modern Languages.

Her academic interests are: Francophone literature, Caribbean Studies and folklore, Oceanic and Postcolonial studies, Louisiana's history, literature, and folkore, Trinidad's history (XIX century), Caribbean anthropology, French Cinema. 



NATACHA JEUDY, Linguistics. Major Professor: Sylvie Dubois. Degree expected Spring 2017. 

Natacha received her BA from the University of Poitiers, France, in 2009, with a Licence in Linguistics and a minor in Serbo-Croatian. She completed her MA degree in French at LSU in 2012. Her research interests include historical linguistics, language evolution and spelling conventions in French. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation: “Analyse comparative de cinq conventions orthographiques dans les éloges funèbres monastiques écrits par les Ursulines de France et de Nouvelle France entre le XVIIe et le XIXe siècle”.


Fabienne Kanor

FABIENNE KANOR, Literature. Major Professor: Pius Ngandu. Degree expected: May 2019.

Born in France of Martinican descent, Fabienne KANOR is a novelist anda filmmaker, and the author of several novels. Awarded Chevalier desArts et des Lettres by the French Minister of Culture, she also receivedthe Fetkann Award for her novel D’Eaux Douces (Gallimard, 2004), theRFO Literary Award for Humus (Gallimard, 2006), and the Grand Prix Carbet for Faire l’aventure (Lattes, 2014).Entitled Je ne suis pas un homme qui pleure (Lattes, 2016), her new novel is about being a Black female writer in France and what is left when a man runs away, when love dies. Kanor has also made short films and many documentaries, including C’est qui l’homme?, winner of the Best Screenplay Award at the Angers Film Festival in 2008, Un caillou et des hommes and Retour au Cahier a documentary about Cahier d’un retour au pays natal by Cesaire. She has worked as a reporter at France 3, Radio Nova (Paris), and International French Radio RFI. The topics she deals with in her work are the burden of collective memory on individual identity formation, West African immigration in Europe, the slave trade.



TOMAS MARTIN, Literature. Major professor: TBA. Degree expected: May 2020.

Tomás was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, and grew up in the New York City area. He graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts with a BA in English Literature in 1994. Through Middlebury College, he earned an MA in French at the University of Paris-Nanterre in 1996. Having studied medieval literature briefly with the late Karl Uitti at Princeton University, Tomás earned an MA and an MPhil in French at Yale University in 2003. After living ten years in Harlem, New York, where he taught French language at Columbia University and the Trevor Day School, he calls New Orleans his adoptive city. His interests are narrative theory, postcolonial studies, and the Hispanic and Francophone Caribbean.




LISE MBA EKANI, Literature.  Major Professor: Pius Ngandu Nkashama. Degree expected: May 2017.

Lise holds an MA in African Literatures from the University of Yaounde (Cameroon) and an MA in French and Francophone Studies from the University of Oregon. In addition to a book chapter contributing to the volume entitled Exiles and postcolonial migration (Ifrikiya Editions, 2011), her work has appeared in Francophone presence and Logosphères, two peer-reviewed scholarly journals of French and Francophone Studies. Her current areas of research interests include migration studies, African Diasporas and popular cultures, with a special emphasis on the detective novel with a connection to the (former) French colonies including hexagonal France, the Caribbean and North Africa.



John Patin

JOHN PATIN, Literature. Major Professor: Kate Jensen. Degree expected: May 2017

John is a Louisianan-Massachusite and alumnus of the French immersion program at L'Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia. He received his MA from LSU in 2014. His dissertation is tentatively titled In the Blood: Representing Repression in the French Convent from Sanguinity to Sexuality, and he is a Women's and Gender Studies minor. He has been the assistant to the director of the LSU in Paris summer program since 2014. 


MARGUERITE PERKINS, Linguistics. Major Professor: Sylvie Dubois. Degree expected: May 2017. 

A Louisiana native, Marguerite graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in French Literature in 2009, and completed her M.A. in French (Language and Society) at LSU in 2011.  For her dissertation, she is studying francolouisianais identity, using a corpus of interviews she created with members of the Cajun, Creole, and Houma communities.  Marguerite spent the 2014-2015 school year teaching as a Maitre de Langue for the University of Poitiers, one of LSU's bilateral exchange partners.  She likes French bakeries, Louisiana festivals, and Québécois swear words.



MATHILDE  POINTIERE, Literature. Degree expected: May 2020
Mathilde received her BA in English literature, linguistics and civilization from the University of Poitiers. She completed her MA in French literature at the University of Oregon in 2015. She took a year off from school to teach at the Alliance Française in Portland, Oregon. Her research interests are medieval and Renaissance literature.



DARINA PUGACHEVA, Literature. Major Professor: Kate Jensen. Degree expected: Spring 2017.

Darina Pugacheva is a graduate of Yaroslavl Pedagogical University in Russia, and holds an MA in French and Translation from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. In her dissertation entitled "If They Won’t Tell You, the Hair Will”: Hair Narrative in Contemporary Women’s Writing she studies the representations of women’s hair and hair narrative in the writing of Anglophone and Francophone female authors from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Nigeria and the United States. Her research interests also include literary translation and translation theories.

FOUZILLA SAADY, Literature. Major Professor: Pius Ngandu. . Degree expected: Spring 2017.


BARCLAY SPRIGGS , Literature. Major Professor: Kate Jensen. Degree expected: May 2017.

Barclay is a Kentucky native whose focus is on African French Literature in relation to Postcolonial and Feminist Theory. She received her BA from Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky in English literature and French language and literature. She completed her MA degree in French literature through New York University in Paris, France. Her extracurricular activities include: long walks on the beach, traveling to exotic places with imaginary money, and making artwork that is neither modernist nor trite.




ARNAUD TCHEUTOU, Literature. Major Professor: Pius Ngandu. Degree expected: May 2019.

Arnaud Tcheutou completed his Bachelor's and his Master's degree in Black African Literature at the University of Douala in Cameroon. He is currently working on a PhD in Francophone Literature. Research interests: African Literary theory, African oral literature, feminism, and literary texts of Ancient Egypt.

MA Students



JACEY FLATTE, literature. Major Professor: TBA. Degree expected: May 2018.

Jacey Flatte is from Conway, AR. She received her BA in French from Lyon College in Batesville, AR. During her time there, she spent a semester abroad and studied at the University of Poitiers in France. Her interests include contemporary literature and women's gender studies. 



MALLORY B FULLER, Literature. Major Professor: TBA. Degree expected: May 2018

Mallory is a Louisiana native who earned her B.A. in French Studies from Vanderbilt University in 2013. She spent two years in Aix-en-Provence, France, as an ambassador to the Vanderbilt-in-France program and as an intern at the literary foundation Fondation St. John Perse. Her interests are varied but primarily include the Viking incursion of Normandy and the literature of the Perverse.



EMMA HURLBERT, Literature. Major professor: TBA. Degree expected: May 2018.

Emma Hurlbert is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and received her BA in French and minor in Communication Studies from East Carolina University. Interests include postcolonial influence of Francophone culture (especially in the Americas, such as the Caribbean and Canada), literatures throughout the ages, and the Négritude movement.