SOAR Activities for Grades 6-12

students with urchinClick on the titles below to download a PDF file of each activity.

Title Objective

How Big is a Cell?

Compare the similarities and differences between plant cells and animal cells and the sizes of cells

Life in a Drop of Water (6-12)

Delve into the pond ecosystem to study classification, life cycles, food webs, and more…

Macroinvertebrate key

This is a key to common macro- and microorganisms found in pond water

Measure Up

Measure tiny objects such as grains of salt on a magnified millimeter grid

Microscopic Mysteries

Identify fingerprints, fibers, and anti-counterfeiting features of money in a forensic-themed activity

Plant Microstructures

Examine the structures of plants that are adapted to live in different environments

Protozoan Ecology


Observe and identify protozoans and other members of the Kingdom Protista in pond water

Skin Deep

Observe structures found in the human integumentary system

Tonicity Lab

Investigate the permeability of cell membranes with hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic solutions