Celebrating Entrepreneurship

College of Science Salutes LSU 100 Honorees


LSU 100 honoree Marco Moran with Mike at the 2016 Dean's Circle Dinner.Photo Credit: April Buffington

Each year, LSU recognizes the entrepreneurial success of former students representing a variety of fields and professions. This year the College of Science is extremely proud to have five former students honored among the top 100 fastest growing LSU owned or led businesses in the world. Honorees from the College of Science include Thomas Lacombe, Marco Moran, Bin Yiu, Gus Murillo and Julio Rios.

Thomas Lacombe is the president of GlobalSpeak Translations in Houston, Texas. The company specializes in interpretive consulting, localization and translator/interpreter services in assisting its clients in effectively expanding their services and product lines in multiple language arenas. Lacombe, a 1982 geology graduate, was extremely proud to be recognized during the LSU 100 celebration.

“My LSU diploma is like a family photo. It’s priceless,” Lacombe said. “It’s an ecstatic feeling of accomplishment to know that what you’ve done with your education is finally recognized.”

Lacombe is the first in his family to graduate from college, so graduation was not only a personal accomplishment, but an achievement for his entire family. He credits LSU and the College of Science for giving him the tools to be successful through out his career in geology and as an entrepreneur. His advice for students looking to run their own businesses is to live in the present.

“Don’t look at yesterday and don’t look at tomorrow. Look at what life can give you right now. Right now you are on a tight rope and for entrepreneurs there is no net. You choose not to have a net and that’s what is so exciting,” Lacombe said. “Fear is a diminishing feeling. Make a decision to be bold and move forward and be ready to learn.”

Marco Moran is the CEO, president, chief financial officer and chief accounting officer of DSD Network of America Inc. and the CEO of Dewmar International BMC, Inc. Dewmar International BMC Inc. provides consumer brands to global markets.

“It is a great honor to be recognized for my many years of hard work to grow a company that is in a very competitive industry,” Moran said. “Many times, it takes an entrepreneur about five to 10 years to prove himself good enough to yield significant results. Dewmar International has met the LSU 100 criteria for three of the last four years, which shows continued growth,” Moran said. Moran attended LSU and is a member of the College of Science Dean’s Circle.

Moran thoroughly enjoyed his time at LSU and remembers one of his favorite memories as pledging his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha. Moran said that his fraternity brothers always encouraged each other to improve both professionally and personally. He still goes back to campus once a year to fraternize and reminisce.

For students looking to own their own business, Moran believes a mentor is key to success. “You don't always have to agree with them, especially if you are dealing with new technologies, but an experienced person should have a plethora of business life experiences to share that would prevent you from making the same mistakes they may have made,” Moran said. He added that budding entrepreneurs should preserve their working capital. “Be slow to spend money, slow to hire new employees and quick to fire those who do not show proper value to help the company achieve its goals.”

LSU alumnus Thomas Lacombe LSU Alumnus Gus Murillo LSU alumnus Bin Yu Julio Rios
Thomas Lacombe Gus Murillo Bin Yu Julio Rios III

Other honorees from the College of Science were:

  • Gus Murillo is a 2014 biological sciences graduate, and president and chief operating officer of Big Fish Productions. Big Fish creates presentations and works with businesses and teams to improve their presentation skills.
  • Bin Yiu is founder and CEO of HitLights, one of the top vendors of LED lights on Amazon.com.
  • Julio Rios III is president and CEO of Bridger Logistics, an integrated crude oil midstream company in Dallas Texas and vice president of Ferrellgas. Rios was awarded LSU 100’s Summit Award, which recognizes the company that generates the highest revenue amount during the year. Rios graduated with a microbiology degree and attended LSU’s Law School.

For more information about LSU 100, please visit lsu100.com.