Faculty Committees


Charge: The committee selects the recipients of College honors and scholarships. This includes awards for the outstanding students in the College, to be given at the Choppin Honors Convocation.

Andy Maverick (College of Science)
Kathryn Loveless (College of Science)
Megan Klingler (College of Science)
Rita Farrar (Biological Sciences)
John Hogan (Chemistry)
Karen Lutrell (Geology & Geophysics)
Ivan Agullo (Physics & Astronomy)
Stephen Shipman (Mathematics)



Charge: This committee ensures that the curricula for the various lines of study within the College retain a carefully conceived philosophy of education, promote a healthy symbiotic relationship between the departments, and remain in line with the mission and scope of the College. Accordingly, the committee will also encourage student participation in interdisciplinary research by facilitating the cross-listing of independent research credit courses across diverse disciplines (e.g., cross-listing between Geology & Geophysics and Art & Design).

Andy Mavrick (College of Science)
Kathryn Loveless (College of Science)
Erin Doherty (College of Science)
Greg Pettis (Biological Sciences)
John Hopkins (Chemistry)
Amy Luther (Geology & Geophysics)
Jim Matthews (Physics & Astronomy)
Ricardo Estrada (Mathematics)



Charge: The committee selects the winners of the Distinguished Dissertation and Non-Tenured Faculty Research Awards in the College.

Sam Bently (College of Science)
Mark Batzer (Biological Sciences)
Evgueni Nesterov (Chemistry)
Juan Lorenzo (Geology & Geophysics)
Ilya Vekhter (Physics & Astronomy)
Len Richardson (Mathematics)



Charge: Members are (a) to advocate for and promote diversity at the graduate, postdoctoral, faculty and staff levels in the College of Science of Louisiana State University, (b) to serve as an advisory group to the Dean of the College of Science and, as appropriate, to other members of the administration, including Deans, Provosts, and President in areas related to diversity, and (c) to recommend measures to increase diversity at every level in each of the College’s departments in keeping with PS 55 and PS 1.

Cynthia Peterson (College of Science)
Zakiya Wilson- Kennedy (College of Science)
Emi Gilbert (College of Science)
Catherine Deibel (Past Chair)
Gabriella Gonzalez (Physics & Astronomy)
Geoff Clayton (Physics & Astronomy)
Shea Vela-Vick (Mathematics)
Michael Malisoff (Mathematics)
Juan Lorenzo (Geology & Geophysics)
Patricia Persaud (Geology & Geophsyics)
Alfonso Davila (Chemistry)
Bin Chen (Chemistry)
Latoya Paul (Biological Sciences)
Kyle Harms (Biological Sciences)

Diversity Committee Web Page



Charge: The Policy Committee advises the Dean of the College of Science on procedures of policy. The committee also determines allocations of seats to the Faculty Senate from the CoS. An algorithm has been adotoped by the Policy Committee to determine the allocation of senators for each department. Facutly Senators will be elected in the spring following the guidelines of the Constitution and Bylaws of the LSU Facutly Senate.

Cynthia Peterson (College of Science)
Jackie Stephens (Biology)
Evanna Gleason (Biology)
Robert Cook (Chemistry)
Doug Gilman (Chemistry)
Barb Dutro (Geology & Geophysics)
Huiming Bao (Geology & Geophysics)
Phil Sprunger (Physics & Astronomy)
Ravi Rau (Physics & Astronomy)
Stephen Shipman (Mathematics)
Blaise Bourdin (Mathematics)

Members selected by department vote. Two-year appointment ; one department representative rotates off each year. Two year term listed for each.



Charge: The committee reviews applicants to medical and dental schools and makes admission recommendations to the programs to which students have applied. Student files are evaluated in advance of meetings.

Robby Bowen (College of Science)
Eric Achberger (Biology)
David Donze (Biology)
Leaf Boswell (Biology)
Khoa Nguyen (Biology)
Caroline Schneider (Chemistry)
Tamara Nauman (Chemistry)
Richard Bengtson (Engineering)
Wanda Hargroder (Kinesiology)



Charge: The Promotion and Tenure Committee is formally advisory to the Dean. Following the college meeting among departmental representatives, the chair and co-chair of the committee meet with the Dean. The Dean receives the votes, takes discussions under advisement and uses that information and the department’s recommendations in formulating his/her official evaluations. The Dean passes this information forward.

David Donze (Biology)
Graca Vicente (Chemistry)
Peter Clift (Geology & Geophysics)
Ravi Rau (Physics & Astronomy)
Milen Yakimov (Mathematics)

One member selected from each department by faculty vote. Additional members selected by the Dean.