LSU Establishes School of Collaborative Academic Programs

BATON ROUGE – LSU is pleased to announce the establishment of the School of Collaborative Academic Programs, or SCAP, a multi-college, interdisciplinary and cutting-edge program bridging faculty expertise across disciplines to offer cross-disciplinary curriculums to undergraduate and graduate students, which also includes online students. This innovative initiative was unanimously approved by the LSU Board of Supervisors during the October 2019 meeting.

“The School of Collaborative Academic Programs is a pivotal advancement for our LSU faculty and our students,” said Executive Vice President & Provost Stacia Haynie. “The school will support the innovative interdisciplinary curriculum that our faculty are building.”

The school, housed in the Office of Academic Affairs, will operate under the executive leadership of a program director who will partner with deans from three of the academic colleges.  The school will be governed by its policy committee which includes representation from all the academic disciplinary colleges on campus.

Inessa Bazayev, a member of the policy committee and the Paula G. Manship Associate Professor of Music Theory, is excited for this unique opportunity.

“The School of Collaborative Academic Programs provides a unique opportunity for students, who are interested in several academic areas and would like to apply them broadly into a single collaborative program,” said Bazayev. “This innovative degree will surely contribute to well-rounded, eclectic and strong leaders of tomorrow.”

Through this program, faculty will have the opportunity to integrate course work and curriculum that is increasingly demanded in the marketplace to serve the 21st century workforce. It requires the convergence of knowledge that utilizes the strengths of more than one school or college to address the exceptionally complex problems of the human condition.

Another member of the policy committee, Prosanta Chakrabarty, associate professor and curator of fishes in the College of Science, mentioned that the opportunities this school will offer has not existed at LSU nor does it exist at many universities.

“It’s 2020 – there are cross-disciplinary jobs that did not exist even 10 years ago, and LSU is now ready to provide the degrees to fill the workforce of the future,” said Chakrabarty. “It’s okay to put square pegs in round holes, and to compare apples and oranges. If the student can find the will, we can now provide the way.”

LSU Alumni Professor of English Bill Demastes and member of the policy committee recognizes the power of this school.

“‘Innovation’ is what comes to mind,” said Demastes. “With this school, if you can dream of an integrative program or interdisciplinary degree, LSU can now put it together.”

The school is currently seeking applications for the program director position. To find a full job description for the faculty program director, click here. Individuals are encouraged to nominate candidates or self-nominate for the position. The program will soon be accepting proposals for courses and degree.



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