Requirements for Political Science Majors

These requirements apply to students entering LSU in Fall 2016 and later.  

  • 33 hours of political science courses, at least 18 of them 3000 or above
  •  POLI 2051 American Government, plus one course (any course) each in the three other fields: Comparative Politics, International Politics and Political Theory

Students may declare one or two concentrations within the major; a concentration consists of four courses. There are nine different concentrations listed below. The four fields can serve as concentrations and there are five additional concentrations. Students may complete the major without designating a concentration.

View requirements pre-Fall 2016.

Political Science courses are divided into four fields: (1) American government and politics; (2) Comparative government and politics; (3) International politics and law; and (4) Political theory. All students take Introduction to American Government (POLI 2051 or POLI 2052) and must take one course from each of the other three fields.

Courses listed under more than one field may be applied to only one field. Students must earn a minimum grade-point average of 2.00 in Political Science courses.

Courses in fields as follows:

Field I

American Government and Politics

Field II

Comparative Government and Politics

Field III

International Politics and Law

Field IV

Political Theory


Optional Concentration Courses count as follows:

Campaigns & Elections

Law & Legal Systems

Public Policy

Race & Politics

Political Analysis

  • Approaches to the Study of Politics: POLI 3001
  • Games and Strategy in Models of Politics: POLI 3003
  • Research Methods in Political Science: POLI 4001
  • Honors Directed Research: POLI 4998
  • Honors Thesis: POLI 4999