Internship Opportunities

Updated 8/26/2020

Make sure to sign up for POLI 3901 (permission from our office) if you want academic credit for these or any other internships.
Internship Director: Christopher Kenny 

  1. Melanie Newkome Jones campaignContact: Lily Dugas,
    1. I am a recent graduate of LSU’s political science program and currently working on Melanie Newkome Jones’ campaign for Louisiana’s First Circuit Court of Appeal. We are looking for volunteers for the campaign this fall.
  2. Checkmate Strategies
    1. Contact: Cindy Bishop, text to 225-933-5435
    2. Checkmate Strategies offers internships to those interested in learning more about the political process in Louisiana.  Our Interns play a huge role on the Checkmate team!  To apply, text 225.933.5435.  Although our internships are non-paid, our interns attain valuable experience that translate into the ability to obtain great paying jobs upon graduation.   We have a stellar track record of placing our interns in rewarding careers.
    3. We have internships in the Fall and in the Spring.  The Spring is the best time to intern because the Legislature is in session and that is an experience and an education that one cannot solidify in a college text book.  However, many of our Spring Interns start out with us in the Fall Semester to get the lay of the land, so to speak.
    4. Checkmate Strategies is a lobbying and governmental relations firm headquartered in Baton Rouge.  Checkmate Strategies was established in 1995 and we have been at the helm of many high profile political issues.  We also do association management for nonprofit organizations.
  3. Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana (PAR)
    1. Contact: Steven Procopio at or 225-926-8414 ext 224
  4. The Republican Party of Louisiana
    1. Contact: Grant Sheeringa at
    2. Working with Republican legislators and elected officials, where you'll develop a deeper understanding of the legislative and political process of State government.
    3. Assisting the re-election efforts of statewide and national Republican candidates.
    4. Aiding grassroots efforts to expand and secure volunteer activation, volunteer mobilization, and statewide voter outreach.
    5. Assisting LAGOP staffers with daily tasks, such as crafting messaging, opposition research, policy research, marketing and branding, graphic and web design, campaign finance, field representation, and data management and distribution.
    6. You will gain firsthand experience.
  5. Louisiana Democratic Party
    1. Contact: Morenike Erinkitola at
    2. Some of our interns work with our Communications Director, Allyson Sanders, doing social media postings, daily political research and creating fundraising content. The rest of our interns work directly with me on a daily basis. They work on various projects including building up the College Democrats program (recruitment/activities like phone banking, canvassing) around the state, working with candidates to coordinate volunteer efforts (trainings/enrollment), helping to build stronger Democratic Parish Executive Committees around the state and planning engagement events for Democrats within the local community.
  6. Remote Fall Semester Campaign Internship Opportunity
    1. Tedra Cobb for Congress is seeking remote fall semester interns to help run an innovative grassroots organizing program and learn the ins and outs of a modern political campaign. Remote fall semester interns will be exposed to every facet of the campaign, including field, finance, and communications.
    2. Responsibilities:
      1. Spearheading an organizing program in your school
      2. Managing and inputting information into campaign database
      3. Completing research projects
      4. Communicating with volunteers and voters
      5. Willingness to assist with all tasks as needed  
    3. Requirements:
      1. Weekly commitment of 10 to 15 hours
      2. Complete weekly activity report
      3. Appropriate conduct and behavior when representing and working with the campaign
      4. Completing a minimum of two voter contact shifts
      5. Attending weekly virtual trainings designed to expose interns to a variety of political campaign departments, skill sets, and career development opportunities
    4. To Apply: Submit your application through the following link:
      1. Please send any question to
  7. Internships with national government Senators and Representatives. Contact the individual member’s office and ask who oversees internships. They all have somebody.