Dr. Wonik Kim 

Associate Professor

PhD: New York University

Phone: 225-578-5354

Fax: 225-578-2540


Office: 229 Stubbs Hall


Curriculum Vitae

Area of Interest

Dr. Kim specializes in comparative politics and political economy with particular emphasis on East Asia. His research focuses on globalization and welfare states, political institutions, and the history of capitalism.

Awards & Honors

The Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2014.


AKS Fellowship, the Academy of Korean Studies, Seongnam, Korea, 2014.


POSCO Visiting Fellowship, the East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2013.


Distinguished Paper Award, the Academy of Korean Studies, 2010.


Runner-up to the winning essay for the Journal of Contemporary Asia Prize, 2009. 


Robert Udick Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award of the College of Arts and Science, 2006.

Selected Publications

Kim, Wonik.  Forthcoming.  "How Does Globalization Influence Protest Movements?"

Arce, Moises, and Wonik Kim.  2011.  "Globalization and Extra-Parliamentary Politics in an Era of Democracy."  European Political Science Review  3(2).

Kim, Wonik. 2010. "Polanyi's Double Movement and Neoliberalization in Korea and Japan." Social Movement Studies. 9 (4). 

Kim Wonik. 2010. "Does Class Matter? Social Cleavages in South Korea's Electoral Politics in the Era of Neoliberalism." Review of Political Economy. 22 (4). 

Kim, Wonik, and Jennifer Ghandhi. 2010. "Co-opting Workers under Dictatorship." The Journal of Politics 72 (3):646-658. 

Kim, Wonik. 2010. "Unemployment Risks and the Origins of Unemployment Compensation." Studies in comparative International Development 45(1). 

Kim, Wonik. 2010. "The Ratification of ILO Conventions and Unemployment Benefits: An Empirical Analysis." International Social Security Review 63(1). 

Kim, Wonik. 2010. "Simultaneous Transitions: Democratization and Neoliberalization in South Korea." Review of Radical Political Economics 42(4). 

Kim, Wonik. 2009. "Rethinking Colonialism and the Origins of the Developmental State in East Asia." Journal of Contemporary Asia. 39 (3)

Kim, Wonik. 2008. "Between Poverty Traps and Economic Miracles in East Asia." Reeta Tremblay, ed., Asia: Local and Global Perspectives (Montreal: CADA)

Kim, Wonik. 2007. “Enfranchisement and the Welfare State.” Journal of Socio-Economics 37 (4): 1660-1678.

Kim, Wonik. 2007. “Neoliberalization and Possibilities for Class Compromise in South Korea.” In The Home Fronts of Globalization, ed. Ingo Schmidt. Hamburg: VSA.

Kim, Wonik. 2007. "Social Insurance Expansion and Political Regime Dynamics." Social Science Quarterly 88 (2)


2053 Introduction to Comparative Politics

2057  Introduction to International Politics

4046  International Political Economy

4050  Globalization and Politics
4060 Political Economy of East Asia
4062 Comparative Politics Economy
4067 Comparative Politics of East Asia

4069  Chinese Politics

7971 Comparative Political Economy of the Welfare State (graduate)
7974 State and Society (graduate)
7976 Comparative Political Economy (graduate)