Dr. Christopher Kenny 

Associate Professor

PhD: Washington University-St. Louis

Phone: 225-578-2546

Fax: 225-578-2540


Office: 228 Stubbs Hall

Curriculum Vitae

Area of Interest

Dr. Kenny specializes in campaigns and elections, mass political behavior, and the process of social influence. His current research focuses on the role of the microenvironment in attitude change, and on the role of money in political campaigns.

Awards & Honors

2004 Tiger Athletic Foundation Teaching Award
2003 LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award.

Selected Publications

2008. “Direction versus Proximity in the Social Influence Process,” with Eric Jenner. Political Behavior. 30 Vol 1; March.

"The Impact of Political Interests in the 1994 and 1996 Elections: The Role of the National Rifle Association," with Michael McBurnett and David J. Bordua. 2004. British Journal of Political Science. 

"Independent Expenditures: The Effects of Independent Campaign Activities on Vote Choice," with Richard Engstrom. 2002. Political Research Quarterly. 55:885-905.

"The Behavioral Consequences of Political Discussion: Another Look at Discussant Effects on Vote Choice," 1998. Journal of Politics. 60:231-244.

"An Individual-Level Multiequation Model of Expenditure Effects in Contested House Races" with Michael McBurnett, 1994. American Political Science Review. 88:699-710.


2051-American Government
4034-Political Participation
7930-Seminar in Political Behavior