Dr. James C. Garand 

Emogene Pliner Distinguished Professor

PhD: University of Kentucky

Phone: 225-578-2548

Fax: 225-578-2540


Office: 212 Stubbs Hall

Curriculum Vitae

Area of Interest

Professor Garand has teaching and research interests in the fields of legislative politics, electoral politics, public opinion, public policy, state politics, racial and ethnic politics, domestic political economy, and methodology and statistics.

Notable Activities

Dr. Garand served as president of the Southern Political Science Association in 2004.

Awards & Honors

LSU Distinguished Research Master (2006), awarded in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in research and scholarship at Louisiana State University, May 16, 2007.

LSU Foundation Distinguished Faculty Award, recognizing excellence in graduate teaching, Louisiana State University, 2001.

Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honor Society, certificate of recognition for superior instruction of freshman students, Fall 2000.

Selected Publications

Wanyun Shao, Barry D. Kleim, James C. Garand, and Lawrence Hamilton. 2014 "Economy, Weather, and Climate: Which Affects Risk Perceptions of Global Warming?" Weather, Climate, and Society  119-134.

Ping Xu and James C. Garand, “Economic Contexts and Americans’ Perceptions of Income Inequality,” Social Science Quarterly. 2010.

James C. Garand, “Income Inequality, Party Polarization, and Roll-Call Voting in the U.S. Senate,” Journal of Politics 2010.

N. Susan Gaines and James C. Garand, “Morality, Locality, or Equality: Analyzing Determinants in Support for Same-Sex Marriage,” Political Research Quarterly 2010.

Stella Rouse, Betina Cutaia Wilkinson, and James C. Garand, “Divided Loyalties? Understanding Variation in Latinos’ Attitudes toward Immigration in the United States,” Social Science Quarterly (September 2010: 856-82).

James C. Garand, Micheal Giles, Andre Blais, and Iain McLean, “Political Science Journals in Comparative Perspective: Evaluating Scholarly Journals in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdon,” PS: Political Science and Politics (October 2009: 695-717).

Kim Nguyen and James C. Garand, “Partisan Strength and Nonpartisanship Among Asian Americans,” American Politics Research(May 2009: 375-409).

Iain McLean, André Blais, James C. Garand, and Micheal Giles, “Authors’ Response to Reviews,” Political Studies Review (January 2009: 88-92).

Iain McLean, André Blais, James C. Garand, and Micheal Giles, “Comparative Journal Rankings: A Survey Report,” Political Studies Review (January 2009: 18-38).

Micheal W. Giles and James C. Garand, "Ranking Political Science Journals: Reputational and Citational Approaches," PS: Political Science and Politics (October 2007: 741-51).

Timothy Power and James C. Garand, "Determinants of Invalid Voting in Latin America," Electoral Studies (June 2007: 432-44).

James C. Garand and Kelly M. Burke, "Legislative Activity and the 1994 Republican Takeover: Exploring Changing Patterns of Sponsorship and Co-sponsorship in the U.S. House," American Politics Research (March 2006: 159-88).

James C. Garand, 2004 SPSA Presidential Address; "Fragmentation and Integration in Political Science: Exploring Patterns of Scholarly Communication in a Divided Discipline," Journal of Politics (November 2005: 979-1005).


4001 Research Methods
7000-Professional Development
7902-Seminar in Public Policy
7903-Special Topics in American Politics
7935-Seminar in Legislative Politics
7961-Approaches to the Study of Politics
7962-Seminar in Research Design and Quantitative Techniques
7963-Advanced Research Methods in Social Science
7964-Empirical Research