Dr.  Belinda  C.  Davis 

Associate Professor

PhD: Florida State University

Phone: 225-578-2129

Fax: 225-578-2540

E-mail: davisbe@lsu.edu

Office: 235 Stubbs Hall

Curriculum Vitae

Area of Interest

Dr. Belinda Creel Davis specializes in public policy. Much of her research uses welfare policy in the American states as a vehicle for examining theories of public policy. Current research projects include welfare migration, electoral competition, and Medicaid implementation.

Selected Publications

"Tax Filing and Other Financial Behaviors among EITC Recipients: Do Banked and Unbanked Households Differ?" with Younghee Lim and Michelle Livermore. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning 22(2): 16-27.

"The Extended Reach of Minority Political Power: The Interaction of Descriptive Representation, Managerial Networking and Race," with Michelle Livermore and Younghee Lim. Journal of Politics 72(2): 294-507.

"A Fresh Look at an Old Debate: Assigned Work Assigned Work Activities, Employment and Post-Program Earnings in TANF Work Programs," with Younghee Lim and Michelle Livermore. Forthcoming at the Journal of Policy Practice.

"Material hardship among Banked and Unbanked EITC Eligible Families," with Younghee Lim and Michelle Livermore. Journal of Poverty.

"Self-Sufficiency and Need among Working Former Welfare to Work Program Participants," with Michelle Livermore, Rebecca Powers, and Younghee Lim. Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

"Knowledge of the Earned Income Tax Credit and Financial Behaviors among Low- and Moderate Income Consumers," with Lim Younghee and Michelle Livermore. Journal of Consumer Education.2009. Vol. 26.

“Examining the Role of Race, NIMBY, and Local Politics in FEMA Trailer Park Placement”. Social Science Quarterly, 2008 Vol. 89:1175-1194.

"One more Piece to Make Us Puzzle: The Initiative Process and Legislators' Re-election Chances," with Valentia Bali. Political Research Quarterly. Vol. 60:215-225. 2007.


2051  American Government
4000  State Politics

4017  Politics of Poverty Policy
7902  Seminar in Public Policy