Dr.  Joseph  Clare 

Associate Professor

PhD: Texas A&M University
Phone: 225-578-2551
Fax: 225-578-2540
E-mail: jclare@lsu.edu
Office: 204 Stubbs Hall


Curriculum Vitae

Area of Interest

Dr. Joe Clare specializes in international relations with a focus on international conflict. His current research interests include the linkage between domestic politics and foreign policy, and strategic bargaining.

Selected Publications

Clare, Joe. Forthcoming. “Hawks, Doves and International Cooperation.” Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Clare, Joe. Forthcoming. “The Deterrent Value of Democratic Allies.” International Studies Quarterly.

Sobek, David, and Joe Clare. 2013. “Me, Myself, and Allies: Understanding the External Sources of Power.” Journal of Peace Research 50 (4): 469-478.

Clare, Joe, and Vesna Danilovic. 2012. “Reputation for Resolve, Interests, and Conflict.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 29 (1): 3-27.

Clare, Joe. 2010. “Ideological Fractionalization and the International Conflict Behavior of Parliamentary Democracies.” International Studies Quarterly 54 (4): 965-987.

Clare, Joe, and Vesna Danilovic. 2010. “Multiple Audiences and Reputation Building in International Conflicts.” Journal of Conflict Resolution 54 (6): 860-882.

Danilovic, Vesna, and Joe Clare. 2010. “Deterrence and Crisis Bargaining.” In International Studies Compendium, ed. Robert A. Denemark. New York: Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.

Clare, Joe. 2007. “Domestic Audiences and Strategic Interests.” Journal of Politics 69 (3): 732-745.

Danilovic, Vesna, and Joe Clare. 2007. “The Kantian Liberal Peace (Revisited).” American Journal of Political Science 51 (2): 397-414.

Clare, Joe. 2007. “Democratization and International Conflict: The Impact of Institutional Legacies.” Journal of Peace Research 44 (3): 259-276.

Danilovic, Vesna, and Joe Clare. 2007. “Global Power Transitions and Regional Interests.” International Interactions 33 (3): 289-304.


4043 US Foreign Policy
4048 International Conflict and Cooperation
4050 Globalization and Politics
7947 International Conflict