Recent Ogden Honors College, biological sciences graduate entering Arrupe Global Scholars program at Creighton University to pursue MD and MPH degrees

June 21, 2023

Cade Canepa

Recent LSU graduate Cade Canepa has been selected for the Arrupe Global Scholars program at Creighton University — a five-year MD and MPH program which seeks to educate and mentor medical students interested in pursuing careers in global health and health equity. Canepa, who graduated from LSU's College of Science with a Bachelor of Science in biological sciences in May, also received College Honors from the Ogden Honors College.

"Going into the application cycle, I was aware that every medical school in the country could provide me with the necessary training to become a physician. However, Creighton University and the Arrupe Global Scholars Program truly captured my attention during my research. The medical school's mission, centered around the phrase 'men and women for and with others,' resonated with me deeply, and I am eagerly looking forward to embracing it," Canepa explained.

Canepa attributes his unique qualities as a candidate to his involvement with the Ogden Honors College's Louisiana Service and Leadership (LASAL) Scholars program and the Louisiana Center for Health Equity. He believes that these experiences set him apart and made him a competitive applicant for the program.

"One of the key lessons we learn in LASAL is the significance of proximity to an issue or problem. Through the teachings of Bryan Stevenson, who emphasized the importance of not being a distant observer, we understand that effective problem-solving requires hands-on involvement. By actively engaging with real-world challenges, we bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and practical application. My Honors College experience ultimately prepared me to become an Arrupe Global Scholar and helped me shape the vision of the physician I aspire to be," Canepa added.

In his time at LSU, Canepa was able to participate in undergraduate research with Dr. Charles Lee's Lab at the LSU’s Vet School with support from LSU’s President’s Future Leaders in Research (PFLR) scholarship. He helped on several projects that studied autism spectrum disorder and the epigenetic effects following teratogenic exposure. He also completed his Honors thesis in this lab which was centered around his interest in hunger and food security. Through that work, he was able to characterize some of the processes in play in states of hunger and satiety. 

Canepa looks forward to continuing his work around food insecurity as he starts medical school. “We are seeing significant momentum towards addressing this issue. We saw the Biden administration host the first food security conference in 50 years, and there is a bill making its way through the [Louisiana] state legislature that would provide free school meals to all K-12 students. These are small steps, but I learned that even small steps are hard to come by in the policy world. So, I look forward to seeing what will result of these while also becoming more involved with the issue over the coming years,” he explained.  

After medical school, Canepa plans to simultaneously practice as a physician while making strides in public/global health to improve health and well-being for all.