Full Set of SPSS Syntax and Data

Several SPSS programs were used to modify and merge a wide range of data for this article. Links to these SPSS syntax files appear below, along with an indication of the datafiles read and written by each syntax file, and a brief mention of the operations performed. These files provide the fullest possible description of the data processing involved in the creation of the final analysis dataset. In order to replicate the entire process leading to the results in the SPPQ paper, these syntax files must be edited to reflect the directory structure on your computer, and the original input files must be downloaded for processing. The syntax files cannot simply be executed sequentially without some manual intervention during or after execution. In particular: ext_auburn requires the manual addition of two justices after extracting the Auburn Multi User Database of Apellate Justices.

If you wish to simply replicate the results in Table 1 without recreating the entire dataset from scratch, return to the replication page and use the fullags.sav and agcases.sav datasets, and accompanying SPSS syntax.

  1. SPSS syntax: ext_songer.sps
  2. SPSS syntax: ext_auburn.sps *manual intervention required* see note below
  3. SPSS syntax: panels.sps
  4. SPSS syntax: circuits.sps
  5. SPSS syntax: SPPQ data merge.sps (A multi step program)