LSU Chemical Engineering PhD Student’s Paper on Multichip Interconnects Published

Junghyun ParkJune 19, 2024 

BATON ROUGE, LA – LSU Chemical Engineering PhD student Junghyun Park is the lead author on a newly published paper titled, “Extending Copper Interconnects and Epoxy Dielectrics to Multi-GHz Frequencies,” which explores the quantitative trade-offs between the electrical performance and reliability of multichip packages with interlocking adhesion.

This is the first paper that Park has served as the lead author on. It was published in IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology. She previously co-authored a paper titled, “Electrochemical Reduction of CO2: A Common Acetyl Path to Ethylene, Ethanol, or Acetate” in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society.

Park is joined on the copper interconnects paper by co-authors Jiayou Xu, Anthony Engler, and John Flake in the LSU Cain Department of Chemical Engineering; Sunggook Park in the LSU Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; Jaimal Williamson with Texas Instruments Inc.; and Varughese Mathew with NXP Semiconductors.

“These trade-offs of mechanical interlocking present that a chemical adhesion promoter is necessary for the smooth interface between the metal and polymer materials for multichip packages, which is related to our future research,” Park said. “This fundamental research provides an in-depth understanding of the impact of packaging materials on the performance and reliability of multichip packages.

“The quantitative limitation of extending copper interconnects and polymer dielectrics shows a need to mitigate power losses while maintaining reliability at a smooth interface, which is critically required for autonomous vehicles and AI using multi-GHz frequencies. Previous works on copper interconnects have considered power losses; however, they have not explicitly considered the trade-offs with mechanical properties such as adhesion. Our research investigates reliability, which is evaluated by adhesion, as well as electrical performance at high frequencies.”

Park is working this summer as a mechanical robustness assessment intern at NXP Semiconductors on tensile test specimen preparation for solder materials and maximum allowable loads on packages. This work assesses the mechanical and chemical properties of semiconductor packaging materials to ensure their robustness.

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Contact: Joshua Duplechain
Director of Communications