Construction Management Faculty Research Next-Gen Learning Environment

September 21, 2021

Yimin Zhu headshotBATON ROUGE, LA – How will emerging technologies impact the next-generation learning environment, particularly as it applies to architecture, engineering, and construction engineering education?

That is the question at the heart of a project by LSU Construction Management Professor Yimin Zhu and Assistant Professor Amirhosein Jafari, who were recently awarded a grant of more than $87,000 by the National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education.

The pair are working on creating a two-workshop series—organized in collaboration with the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Society of Engineering Education—that will foster conversation and collaborative activity between architecture, engineering, and construction engineering educators and researchers; curriculum designers; industry professionals; students; and representatives of accreditation organizations and professional societies.

The first workshop will be held virtually, Nov. 15-17, and the second is planned to be held in June 2022 in Minneapolis, Minn., in conjuction with the annual ASEE conference.

“The main expected outcome is a shared vision of the next-generation, learning-centered environment, including its characteristics, grand challenges and opportunities, and a roadmap for research and implementation,” Zhu said. “The project will help create a pathway to timely reflect on new learning strategies, new technologies, industry and societal needs in AEC curricula, and thus produce a more adaptive AEC workforce.”

Amir Jafari headshotIn the interim between the two workshops, Zhu and Jafari will actively recruit participants from community colleges, minority-serving institutions, and non-designated Research I institutions. These individuals will include speakers sharing their thoughts and ideas about the next-generation learning environment, as well as others who will participate in brainstorming and breakout sessions to help shape the vision.


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